Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

Payment will be transferred only to the Authorised Bank accounts and QR codes.

If Products are Damaged during Transportation please intimate with the photograph to the respective whatsapp number.

Minimum Order Should be not less than of 2000 Rs.

Payment Terms:

The Payment Paid either Cash on Delivery or Prepaid payment Method.

Need to send the Payment Screenshot for payment Confirmation to respected Whatsapp numbers.

You can pay either account transfer, QR Code , Using Gpay, Phonepe, Paytm, etc.

And We Collect the Parcel Charges as Double Before the Booking for Cash on Delivery Method.

The Double Payment for a safety Purpose only , It will be Deducted at the Total payment or it can be Refund.

While Cash on Delivery we will be provide an Authorised Receipt For your Parcels.

Parcel Delivery Transportation Terms:

Have to pay the Parcel Shipping Charges Before confirmation for Cash on Delivery Method.

You have to show the authorised receipt for picking up the parcel while at Pick-up.

And the parcels are Delivered only at your nearby cities/ Transport Facility available Centers.

Door Delivery Not Available.

Please confirm the No.of Cartons while you Picking up the Parcels.

If you have any Doubts on the parcel ( like parcel Opening,Hole in a parcel, seems it's repacking kind, etc) Please inform us immediately.

The Delivery Made within 1 Day / 2 Day to your Region (Maximum 24hrs Delivery).

If the parcels are not picking up within two days after reaching the parcel will be returned to the Seller Automatically.

And the Parcel Delivery/Shipping charges are not Refundable if it Returned.

Please Provide Two Mobile Numbers with your Address While Attend the call from our side.